Most motorcycles have a side stand with relatively small foot which secures the bike nicely on a pavement but if you try to park on a gravel or muddy terrain, you may experience problems. The side stand may sink into the surface and the bike may fall. I used some kind of side stand foot enlargements on all my bikes since 2014 but this time I wanted it for my new Triumph Rocket 3 Storm R and I couldn’t find it. The aftermarket accessories for Rocket 3 2500cc are quite limited. After some searches and inquiries on forums, I finally found it. Fortunately, Italian company XRay offers few Rocket 3 accessories and among them is also a side stand foot enlargement.

Besides the side stand foot enlargement you will also get a rubber pad which you may need to glue on the existing rubber pad on the bike which holds the side stand in the retracted position. I got information from the manufacturer that this may not be needed on all bikes but I still glued it on mine in order to avoid the side stand eventually hit the exhaust. The rubber pad is 6 mm thick. The enlargement itself is very light, 127 g.

The top plate is padded with some rubber stripes in order not to scratch the side stand foot. Great detail which improves the impression of quality.

The bottom part is made of aluminum while the top part is probably a stainless steel.

Since the bottom plate is bellow 2.5 mm thick, it won’t make a noticeable change in the lean angle of the motorcycle.

I glued the rubber pad to the existing one and let it cure.

I used a medium thread locker and tightened the screws by hand.

As you can see on this picture, I maybe didn’t need to add the rubber pad since there seem to be enough clearance. I didn’t check this beforehand but it is what it is, I will just leave it. If you retract the side stand slowly, it for sure won’t hit the exhaust even if you don’t have the extra padding, but if you just let the spring work out with full force, it may compress the original rubber enough to hit the exhaust. Maybe a little thinner rubber pad is the way to go, maybe 2-4 mm. I will just check out if the retracted side stand stays stable at this position and if so, I won’t do anything further.

I may write another article to review the real life functionality of this product.