Even though I have a tuner on my modulated amplifier, I wanted to get a clip tuner so that I can use it on any guitar including acoustic ones. After some research I found out the one which shows tuning of all six strings at once. If there is some string out of tune, you can immediately see which one and quickly tune it up. The name of this magical tuner is TC Electronic Polytune Clip. It comes in two colors, black and white, but I decided to get the black one. Somehow I think that white gadgets are too fancy and the color probably influenced by Apple.

This tuner supports strobe and chromatic modes, but also several tuning modes: E, Eb, D, Db, C, Bf, B, F, Gb, G, Ab and A. The display has adaptive orientation and also automatically switches between polytune mode (all 6 strings) or single string mode. Besides guitar, it also supports bass tuning. Finally, it supports auto shut off for the better battery (CR2032) life. I can recommend this tiny device, it’s really cool.