After quite a while, I decided to blog about my other hobbies, namely motorcycling. In the future, I will more about my past, current and future motorcycles, but the reason for this blog item today is the new generation of the Shoei GT-Air helmets, GT-Air 3 Realm TC-5. I just received this helmet and it looks amazing. Since today, I have been using GT-Air 1, which is a great helmet, but after 5-6 years of usage it was time to get the new one.

A month or two ago I was searching for a new helmet that could replace the old one and since I am a touring kind of rider, the only logical decision was to get GT-Air 3. Of course, I have also looked at Schubert S3 but then I realized that I have already tried their helmets and they still have a problem of having just two shell sizes. The smaller size is up to the L size and then from size XL they are using the bigger shell. Unfortunately, my helmet size is L and with Schubert that size is too small to me and then XL is to big. The only logical decision was to look again for Shoei since they have three shell sizes.

After some research my thoughts were focused to GT-Air 2 but then I realized it is just ECE 22/05 homologated and not ECE 22/06. I said to myself they must release new versions soon, so let’s wait for a while. And yes, I was right. Just few weeks later I found the news on their website that they are about to release the Neotec 3 (flip-up) ang GT-Air 3 (integral) helmets. I was patient enough to wait for it and even there is a shortage at the moment, I got my GT-Air 3 today.

I didn’t get the stickers off yet, I haven’t tried it in the ride, but still I want to share with you about how it feels and looks like. Since the weather in Munich is not that nice today anyways, I can just write a blog today. So let’s start. As usual, graphics and manufacturing quality of the helmet is great, just traditional Shoei quality. Material inside feels very plushy and comfortable.

I can’t really compare GT-Air 2 and GT-Air 3 since I never had the former one, but GT-Air 3 is quite improved comparing to the first version. The visor and pinlock visor are different, helmet is tighter around the neck which should mean even further reduced noise, sun visor is a little bit bigger but still has more space around the nose. I didn’t have problems with the sun visor before, but if they claim it is improved, let’s believe so.

Just like on the GT-Air 2, the rear vent is gone comparing to GT-Air 1, the helmet ventilation to the rear is always opened, which is completely fine with me. Because of ECE 22/06 the visor handle is moved from the left hand side of the visor to the center and I like this change, now you can open the visor with any hand. Another change is that the front ventilation better prevents the bugs to enter the helmet from outside.

The biggest difference from the GT-Air 1 is that the integration with communicator is much more efficient even though you have just one option which integrates well, Sena SLR3. I have used Cardo Packtalk with my old helmet, but it is attached to the left chin of the helmet, it is exposed to the airflow, wires do not have any preformed paths through the inside of the helmet and so on. It was basically not a natural addition at that time, it was pretty much new stuff not planned buy the helmet construction.

However, with the GT-Air 3. Sena SLR3 integrates completely into the helmet with no outside obstructions to the airflow. There is a compartment at the rear side where you can mount the Sena’s main unit which includes the battery as well, but also provides a possibility to cable charge it without having to set the helmet on the side. Besides that, you can integrate control buttons on the provided slots on the chins and there are also wire routes in the styrofoam.

I actually got the Sena SLR3 before the helmet but I haven’t even opened the box yet. It features Harman Kardon speakers, Bluetooth 5, noise control and so on, but please wait for the details in some of the next posts, stay tuned.