I am not sure if I have previously mentioned, but my previous bike was K1300R which I owned from 2013 till 2023, quite 10 years and I was very happy with it. There were no particular reasons to sell it except that I wanted a new bike and I couldn’t keep both of them because of the space in my underground garage. I got SW-Motech tank ring and Daypack bag on this bike and it served very well, great quality. The same tank ring fits on K1600GT, but none of the SW-Motech bags fit. You may ask what’s the reason for this and the answer is simple, when you completely turn handle bars they collide with the bag and some buttons may be accidentally be pressed. This is obviously not safe even you don’t have to completely turn the handlebars during the ride, but just at stand. I searched the web and found out that there is just one more quick mount and release tank bag option this time manufactured by Wunderlich. Unfortunately, their tank ring was not available until few days ago, but I have ordered it almost immediately and mounted it on my bike, so here you can find out the installation instructions and my experience with it.

First unscrew two bolts closest to the rider, put Wunderlich provided washers, put some medium thread locker and tighten them to 4Nm.

The right torque is 4Nm, not 3.8 like on my picture. ๐Ÿ˜€

Then take out the remaining 4 bolts and put provided spacers.

Again put some medium thread locker and tighten the bolts to the same torque.

And how do I compare SW-Motech and Wunderlich tank rings? Well, I like SW-Motech a little bit more, it is easier to attach the bag because of the magnets, but Wunderlich is quite nice as well. They simply moved the bag mounting point away from the handlebars and allowed some more clearance. Hence, they became the only provider of a quick mount tank bags for K1600GT. Keep following this blog if you want to find out how different Wunderlich tank bags fit on the bike. Thank you.