After unsuccessful try to use SW-Motech Daypack Pro tank bag on my K 1600 GT, I searched for an alternative and found a new series of tank bags from Wunderlich named CLICK BAG. They offer 5 different sizes, 3L, 6L, 13L and finally 16L. CLICK BAG 3L is not extendable, but remaining sizes expand to 8, 16 and 19 liters respectively. 3L bag is the only one that comes with the rain cover while other bags come with internal waterproof bags. This second solution also keeps your goods dry but I find it not that practical. First, it occupies some space inside and second, it’s more difficult to put the stuff in and take them out. Anyways, the bags are really good quality and they attach to appropriate tank rings very easily, just one click. This attachment system is very similar to SW-Motech Pro but without magnets. Wunderlich is an expensive brand but some of their CLICK BAGS are basically the only safe options for BMW K 1600 GT, namely 3L and 6L. Unfortunately SW-Motech Pro tank bags collide with the fully turned handlebars and random switches might got pressed. Besides that, this may limit the movement of the handlebars to the end which may make turning the bike around more difficult. But let’s see how Wunderlich tank bags fit on K 1600 GT and which one I chose for my bike.


CLICK BAG 3L looks very cute on the bike. It is relatively small but still provides enough space for basic things that you might need on a short trip.

The bag doesn’t obscure the view to the cockpit or additional navigation at all. I forgot to check if fully turned handlebars touch the bag, but since they touch 6L version just slightly, I guess they don’t touch 3L at all or maybe even less than in case of 6L. I would conclude that this bag is the most safe and the only complaint I have about it is that it is maybe too small. If you can afford to have one more bigger CLICK BAG, then this small one makes sense for shorter trips. However, if you want to buy just one, this wouldn’t be my primary choice.


Like previously said, handlebars slightly touch the sides of CLICK BAG 6L. On the left hand side fog lights button may get pressed but this is not dangerous. On the right hand side the SOS call button cap touches the bag but in both cases the bag doesn’t prevent fully movement of the handlebars to the left or the right hand side. Comparing to SW-Motech, Wunderlich tank ring moves their tank bags to the rear and allow better clearance.

Again, the view to the cockpit and additional navigation device are unobstructed.


Finally we come the the biggest version I have tried on my bike, CLICK BAG 13L. Even bigger one, 16L is not recommended for K 1600 GT at all. I forgot to try if the handlebars touch the bag when fully turned, but I discarded this bag anyways because it obscures the view to the navigation which was not acceptable in my case.

On some other bikes CLICK BAG 13L may fit nicer but my conclusion is that it is too big for K 1600 GT.


Well, you may have already guessed that my choice was CLICK BAG 6L. I think it is the best compromise of all, it doesn’t obstruct the riders view on the instruments, it is big enough to pack navigation case, wallet, earplugs box, keys, balaclava, gloves, documents and few more little things. As I wrote at the beginning, this bag comes with the waterproof inner bag instead of the rain cover, but fortunately rain cover from SW-Motech Daypack Pro fits very well so I got one. ๐Ÿ˜€