Is Akrapovič sport exhaust just a nice add-on for BMW K 1600 GT or does it do something more? What kind of sound does it make? Does it change the behavior of the bike? It was quite difficult to find these information online but I still decided to give it a try. Hence, let’s share some more information about it.

Exhausts are packed flawlessly. I haven’t checked if they are really 3.3kg lighter than the factory ones, but I could feel the difference by lifting them. Titanium and carbon finish are mint, simply Akrapovič quality.

The replacement silencers are also shorter than the factory ones. They fit and look much better on the bike. But what about performances? Well, Akrapovič claims 2.3HP and 2.7Nm more. Throttle feels more responsive, sound is a bit deeper and there are pops as well. For an Euro 5 exhaust with standing noise of 89dB I am pretty happy with the sound. It also gives more joy during the ride for sure. Is it worth money? I think yes and do not regret buying them. And now for the end the best part, check out the sound difference. 😉